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This Forum Is Moderated, Read these Ground Rules.

Post by JT »

In another post, Robert of Canterbury wrote:Please can we have, on this board only, some ruthless draconian censorship by the editor/s?

(I am willing to throw myself on that grenade if needs be. )

Not of "Incorrect" posts, as opinion will always be mutable on that front, but of "me too" and Funnies posts.

Imagine a lean, trimmed, information rich, low noise-to-signal ratio place where folks from all over can start their information search.

Any discussions arising can be talked through on the appropriate board, but this one kept just to the essential kernels.

Let's all as a community do a little self editing too, Find what you posted here was a little off? Go back and Edit accordingly.

We could be Heroes, (Not) just for one day.

Welcome, Mr Moderator.

If you have a complaint about how Robert moderates...
  1. Sit back and think... was your post useful, or was it a "me-too" ha-ha post?
  2. Take a bit more time... were you being helpful to the "I Wanna Be A..." thread in question?
  3. Send an e-mail or PM to Robert.

If you get past (1) and (2) and (3), and still think he's been abusive, drop me a PM. That's not a guarantee that your complaint will result in a reprimand. It's just an assurance that I'll read what you have to say.

(Edited because Robert was right... you should contact him and try to work things out before calling on Overwhelming Editorial Authority(tm))
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Robert of Canterbury
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Post by Robert of Canterbury »

Thank you JT.

For that matter, let me know as well, I have not yet been Deified, and so I too am open to error..

Here's to a leaner, cleaner, information rich board.

We've tried Persona in a Box (PIAB). We've tried setting up a forum for people to submit Personae in a Box. So far, it hasn't been successful.

But still, people come to the Archive and say "I wanna be a(n) ... and I need help on buying/making things."

So, that's what this forum will be for. At least for the start, it is going to be set up so that only an Editor can start a thread. That's being done to try and keep a handle on the number of personae being developed at any given time. Later, this might change.

What sort of reply are you looking for?

Well... helpful ones.

On top of that, things that you state should be supported. I'm not talking about elaborate references, but you should not base your post-reply on "I think that..." or "This movie I saw showed that..."

Links would be most excellent. Links within the Archive are included as being most excellent.

References to books would be good. Supply at least the title and author. Having the ISBN would be great. If it's hard to find, expensive, and/or out of print, pointers on how to get a peek at a book would be useful.

Pictures would be good, too. Don't violate someone's copyright, though.

Civility should always be maintained, as well. Remember that not everyone knows as much as you know -- that goes for the person asking for the information, and for other people replying, and it goes for you, too.

Try and stay on track. If the thread is about developing a Viking, please don't post about how great Samurai are. (Yes, that's an extreme example. Eschew the more subtle shifts as well.)


Robert of Canterbury
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Post by DeCalmont »

I want to add a little tid bit here, please try to use the search function at the very the most just browse through the pages and see if there is something already there.

A good tip when either using the search or just by looking, keep an open mind. If for example you are looking for something in Croatia around 1350ish, maybe the thread on the Ukraine in 1390 is going to have some good information in it that pertains to you. If you find a thread that serves your purposes but doesn't have the exact information you're looking for, ask in that thread! The people posting to or are already reading that thread are more than likely your best source for finding that information, that's what this is here for.

We all hope to improve our presentations, that's why we're here right? Step up and ask that question or step up and give that bit of information that you have. We can only get better!

Let's try to keep the threads on track, if you find that some of your posts have drifted from the subject go back and edit them. It will save some posts from being discarded the old fashioned way... :wink:

Enjoy your time here and I look forward to the great discussions that always take place here.

In Aqua, Vitam; In Vino, Veritas; In Cervisium, Felicitas; In Scotos, Illustratio
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Thomas MacFinn
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Re: This Forum Is Moderated, Read these Ground Rules.

Post by Thomas MacFinn »

How hard would it be to add dates to the titles that don't have them? "I Want To Be a Border Reiver" is a cool title only if you know what (and when) a Border Reiver is.
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Re: This Forum Is Moderated, Read these Ground Rules.

Post by guyprotection »

new here

How hard would it be to add dates to the titles that don't have them?