I WTB a Varangian Guardsman in 1040

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Re: I WTB a Varangian Guardsman in 1040

Post by Oddvarr »

How thick is that? I would hate to suggest something to you that will cost you more money, and it turn out to be a mistake.

Something to consider is the reason you are making it. If it's for more of the look, then as long as that weight is able to support your plates without being floppy, then go for it.

If it is for protection, then I would go heavier. Also depends upon your scale design...size, thickness and material.

I would also suggest overlapping the rows in a staggered fashion so that the seams between the plates are covered...I didn't do that, mine line up with each other, and I notice more force coming through with spear and polearm thrusts to the gut.
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Re: I WTB a Varangian Guardsman in 1040

Post by bishop1 »

Rereading some earlier posts again, I see that Egfroth used 'about 1/16' for his.


According to this conversion table, 2-3 oz sides would be slightly thinner, and 4-5 oz sides slightly thicker. I think if I aim for a 'thick' 2-3 oz side I should be okay.

This is more for look than actual protection, its just for SCA fighting and I normally wear minimal armor and my torso piece is just thin kydex pocket brig. I had also planned on doing overlapping bands so that should help as well.

Thanks for the advice!