I wanna Be in the Teutonic Order Circa 1200AD

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Re: I wanna Be in the Teutonic Order Circa 1200AD

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Climbing on soapbox.
The Teutonic Order no longer existed after 1524
That would be quite a surprise to the current members of both the Protestant and Catholic branches that trace their linage back to 1190. Much like the Protestant and Catholic branches of the Knights of St. John (Hospitallers) today the branches work together on their original mission of helping the poor and providing medical service.
IIRC most of the Catholic Teutonic Order are priest while most of the Protestant branch are hereditary knights or nobility.

As an aside, it was not too long ago that the combined branches of the Hospitallers were the largest ambulance service and had the most hospices in Germany.
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Re: I wanna Be in the Teutonic Order Circa 1200AD

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Careful on that Soapbox Mike, you might fall off and injure yourself ! :lol:

If you want to play semantics, I will. Let me rephrase.

the State of the Teutonic Order, (German: Deutschordensland), also known as the Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights or "Ordensstaat" (pronounced "Order-State"), no longer existed after 1524/1525.

Since in 1525 the last Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, Albert of Brandenburg-Ansbach, adopted the Lutheran faith and resigned his position. He then adopted the title of Duke of Prussia which became a Polish fief. Most of the members of the Teutonic order became nobles under him.

Is that better? ;) And since you are on a soapbox, I'm sure you will argue my assertion that State of the Teutonic Order is what most people are referring too as the "Teutonic Order". However, most historians will assert that what remained of the "order", was merely a political tool of the Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire to maintain a claim on the territories of Ducal Prussia, since they still controlled "West Prussia" or Brandenburg.

Do we need to go on? :) The history of central and eastern Europe becomes very convoluted around this time.

Past 1525 what remained of the "Teutonic Order" was effectively a political fiction, which then became a social organization in time.
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Re: I wanna Be in the Teutonic Order Circa 1200AD

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How about Germanic without being Teutonic?
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Re: I wanna Be in the Teutonic Order Circa 1200AD

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Most of the illustrations provided in this thread are good for the period, not just for the Order.
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Re: I wanna Be in the Teutonic Order Circa 1200AD

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I am from Oertha so I am automatically cooler than you.
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Re: I wanna Be in the Teutonic Order Circa 1200AD

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Can anyone post pics of their kit and what they would have worn during court.