German Man-at-Arms 1330-50

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Re: German Man-at-Arms 1330-50

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This is pretty much the persona I am looking for, and I have a picture of Gunther of Schwarzburg (1349) that I am trying to base my kit off of. Here is the picture: ... /original/
I have a few questions:
Judging by the SCA martials handbook
("G. Arm Armor
The elbow point and bones at either side of the elbow joint must be covered by a rigid material underlain by at least ¼ inch (6mm) of closed-cell foam or equivalent padding. This armor shall be attached in such a way that the elbow remains covered during combat. A shield alone is NOT sufficient, since it covers only the outermost point of the elbow.")
It looks like I could pull those elbows and rerebraces off with a little bit longer rerebrace, but would I even need to do that?

The gauntlets are finger gauntlets, but would a clamshell kind of gauntlet be ok for now? I don't currently have the funds for decent finger gauntlets.

The feet look like they have maille over them, is that right?

Is that helmet a visored sugarloaf? It looks like it, but the lines seem a bit more square than most of the other ones I've seen. I'll probably just pair it with an inexpensive aventail from a KoA.

I was planning on just having a gambeson+coat of plates (I don't know how soon I can get a maille hauberk) with a tunic over it. The coat of plates will have some hardened leather shoulders pointed to my rerebraces.

Does all that sound ok?
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Re: German Man-at-Arms 1330-50

Post by RandallMoffett »


I do not think that the rerebrace should be a problem as long as the couters cover enough of the elbow. Lots of people fight without rerebraces so not essential.

If you were to make rerebraces though I'd make them longer on practical grounds though.

Gauntlets are clearly finger at this point in history but you have to do what you have to do.

The feet could be mail covered or perhaps the interesting brig style like in the Tewkesbury window.

I think he is wearing a high conical top bascinet with no visor but a mail and plate bretach.

The great helm is likely a tourney thing.

As for COP w and w/out mail. Not really for knights. Knights seem to nearly always worn mail but were COP and aketons worn alone by people of the time, yes. The man at arms reqs in England in the 1330s do not mention mail even. But these are reqs to include every one not just knights.

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Re: German Man-at-Arms 1330-50

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So what are the essential texts to read regarding the 14th century in Germany?
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Re: German Man-at-Arms 1330-50

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The surcoat with the short front is a strictly English thing iirc, but it is 14th century for sure.
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Re: German Man-at-Arms 1330-50

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Can anyone recommend any good online picture collections?