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For those who just want to look not too jarringly anachronistic

Classical Era < 400AD

Hebrew, 900BC
Thracian, 6th-4thC. BC
Scythian, c. 4thC. BC
Pazyryk Chieftan 4thC. BC
Spartan at Thermopylae(Greek Hoplite)
Macedonian 332 B.C.
Lusitanian (Celt-Iberian) warrior, c.150BC
Seleucid Companion cavalry, 150 BC
Warrior Noble of Gaul (Celtic Chieftain) 100BC-100AD
Roman Legionary CXXII
Roman Officer
1stC. Roman Auxillia
Roman Gladiator
Dacian Archer 100AD
Sarmatian 2-5thC.

Migration era 400-700AD

5thC. Heruli
Late 5thC. Irish/Scot Dal Riata
Romano British 5-6thC.
Visigoth 450AD
5-6th C. Dane. (Beowulf)
6thC. Byzantine Soldier
6thC. Slav Chieftain
Sassanid Persian, 650AD
Valsgard era Scandinavian (680AD)
Welsh, Early 7thC.
Early Irish
Early 700s Frank

Early Medieval 700-1000

7-8th century East Anglian Anglo Saxon thegn
Irish in the Viking invasion Era (9thC+)
Carolingian Frank, Early 800's
West Saxon c.Alfred the Great, mid-late 9thC.
Mid 9thC. Pecheneg Noble
Byzantine kataphract 9thC.
9-11thC. Byzantine Skutatoi/Hoplitoi (Infantry)
Norwegian Huskarl, 9-10thC.
Baltic Warrior 9-10thC.
10thC. German (Holy Roman Empire)
Armenian Noblewoman, Early 10thC.
Khazar, 950. (post conversion)
10th C Welsh
Rus, 10-12thC.

High Medieval 1000-1300

Breton, 1000AD
Moray Scot, 1040
Varangian Guardsman, 1040
Anglo Saxon at Hastings
First Crusade camp follower
Georgian Knight, 11th-12th C.
Seljuk Turk, 1100
Iranian Ghulam cavalryman, 1104
Norman, 11 - mid 12thC.
Anglo-Norman foot Sergeant
11C. Italo-Norman
11thC. Castillian Spanish Knight
Early 12thC. Spanish Knight.
Dane 1157
English Knight 1175
Welsh, 1188
Kurd 1190
Abyssinian Knight 1190
Rus c.1200
Teutonic Order c.1200
Fighting Friar
Low Countries rabble, 1227
Order of St. Lazarus in the Holy Land, 1250
Ayyubid Arab, 12-13thC
12-13thC Scottish
13thC. Knight Templar
Hospitaller 1230-1250
Mamluk 1250s
Baltic Crusader
Polish, 1241
Maciejowski Bible Knight, Mid 13thC.
Byzantine Cavalry Officer c. 1050 - 1250
Dutch Burgher 1250-1275
Forester 1275 England
Sicilian Arab Footman 1266
Wallachian Knight
13th C Irish
English Man At Arms C. Edward I, 1272-1307
Spanish Knight
Luxembourger Knight at the Battle of Worringen, 1300

Late Medieval 1300-1500

Flemish Militiaman 1302
14th C. Gallowglass in Ireland
English Widow early-Mid 14thC
Knight on Cyprus c. 1300
Hungarian Kinsman, c. 1305 - 1320
Early Transitional Knight, France, 1310-30
Czech Knight 1320
Early 14thC. Minstrel
14thC. Croatian Slav
Palaiologan Byzantine 1330
14thC. Venetian Noble Bowman
Andalusian Moor
Spanish Knight Early 14thC
German Man-at-Arms c.1330-1350
Ghent Militia 1338
English Gentleman at Arms, 1340
English Woman of Ludicrous Wantonness, 14thC.
1340's Hungarian
Norwegian Knight 1345
Sergeant at Arms in 1350's Brettagne
Norse Trader, 1360
14thC. Scot
French Tradesman
Irish Noble in the Hundred Year War 1337-77
At the Combat of the Thirty, 1351
Ghanaian Warrior c. 1350 - 1375
late 14thC English Gentleman of arms
English archer, Hundred Years war
English Hobilar, Hundred Years War
Genoese Crossbowman, HYW
Irish crossbowman 1360
German/Alsatian Noble, 1360-1379
French Knight,1380
Lollard in the Peasant revolt, 1381
Lombard Knight, Late 14thC.
1380 Deed of arms Participant, Gulf Wars
Burgundian Squire, Late 14thC.
Burgundian Siege engineer, Late 14thC.
Italian Condottierri, 1390
Vitalian brotherhood, 1390's (Baltic Pirate)
Spanish Knight, 1400
German kight 1400
Dijon Militiaman 1400-1430
English Man at Arms at Agincourt 1415
French Kinght 1430
Ukranian Cossack
15C. Hospitaler
15thC. Burgundian Man at Arms
15thC. Burgundian Archer
15thC. Polish Noble
15thC. Russian
Calixtine (Utraquist) Hussite, 1420
Mid 15thC. German Tournament Fighter
War of the Roses Man-at-arms
War of the Roses Footman
Welsh in 1432
Wallachian Knight, Mid 15thC.
Sicilian Apothecary
Hussite, 1450-1475
Mid=late 15thC. Milanese Gentleman
Swiss 1475
late 15thC.Friesian (North Germany/Lowcountries)
Ottoman Jannisary, 15-16thC.
Hungarian Conscript in the Ottoman Army
Picardese French, 1470-1506
English Squire/Knight 1485
Swede, 1490-1510
German Knight 1500

Rennaissance 1500-1600

Early Tudor Footman
Spanish Rodelero 1500-1525's
Mughal Indian Warrior 1500's
French Gendarme
A Soldier of England in the Italian War of 1542-1546-Archer on the Mary Rose
English Sergeant at arms, Early-mid 16thC.
Border Reiver
Schwartz Reiter
Ottoman Cavalryman
Polish Hussar
At the Siege of Malta 1565
16C. Irishman
Hans Lenkovich/Ivan Lencovic 1556
Elizabethan Knight/officer/soldier/gentleman
Elizabethan Yeoman of the Guard
From Bremen
Soldier in the Electorate of Saxony
16thC. Benin
Italian Man at Arms 1570-80
French Bourgeoisie c.1595

post 1600

Italian Plague Doctor 1600's
Norwegian Seaman 1675
Corsair 1650-1715

Far Eastern

Steppes Warrior
Qin Dynasty Chinese Crossbowman 221-206BC
Han Chinese
Late Song Dynasty (12-13th C.) Archer
Red Scarf Rebel, 1351-1368
Mauryan Indian, 304-232 BC
Gupta Empire, India 4-6thC. AD
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