Gopro on helm

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Gopro on helm

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Someone told me once that fencing me is creepy as heck because of my helm, and that I should stick a gopro camera on my opponent so I could see... So, I finally did that. Also with this video, I wanted to play around with a high frame rate so the video goes from normal speed when we are just standing around, then slows down when we start getting into it... I think the result is kind of neat and hope to play around more with this stuff when we are not already tired and sloppy from a day of fencing.

When the floppy armed kid with the red shirt comes down the ramp on the right - my next shot almost knocks the camera off... its my favorite part.
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Re: Gopro on helm

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That is fun!

Good way to get an impression of how others see you on the field.

You killed that Go-pro real good. :lol:
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