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Please help me identify this item, thanks in advance). Ax weight 0.75 kg.
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Johann ColdIron
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Re: Battle-axe

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The single sided bevel design implies Wood working tool to me. Used for squaring timbers from logs. Appears to be a higher carbon bit forge welded to a iron body. The form is used through out the Viking and Medieval periods. The ornamentation is hard to ID given the condition. Any design on the flat side?
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Re: Battle-axe

Post by Galileo »

Looks like a wood axe. Possible design on the last picture.
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Re: Battle-axe

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I too think this is a wood-hewer's tool to square logs into beams.

The homicidal meataxes for war had centered blades, also flat of cross section through the blade, and oftener than not a pointier extended toe for some hook-and-thrust capability over a shield, for instance.

Something that doesn't much show in the profile pix you usually see is just how light-built war-axes were -- the opposite of the wedgey cross section of the modern timber axe.
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