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IMCF - HMB Armor for sale From Ukraine. (Safely with ETSY)

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2021 10:57 am
by GypsyKingArmor
Without a long opening speech...
I'll tell you about the armor from Ukraine.

Everyone knows about the situation in Ukraine as a whole.

I think you have also heard about the quality and affordable price of armor from Ukraine.
Now the situation is as follows:
1. Many good masters went to fight at the front.
2. Of those who remained, almost all retrained for the needs of the military.
3. Those who continue to make armor and stuff help charitable foundations with money.

But the problem here is that the rashists have destroyed and damaged many enterprises, and almost all steel mills in our country.
Therefore, I foresee a shortage of metal for the next year, and hence an increase in prices for the manufacture of armor.
Especially problematic now with Titan.

Therefore, if you were thinking about buhurts and full contact fights
- it's time to order armor now, swords and stuff before prices skyrocket.

I keep in touch with many masters and am always ready to help.
Write to the store chat