Late medieval riding boots

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Late medieval riding boots

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Hi everyone

I have something in the back of my mind that I cant find online, probably because I am missing the right searh parameter, maybe on of you can help.

As far as I remember some kind of medieval riding boot exists, which is a) around thigh high, and b) not closed with laces, but rather has a very wide instep section, that gets folded over, possibly secired with hooks&eyes, and gets then secured with the spur leathers. I have seen it in source pictures, I have seen mentioned in discussions and videos, but now that I am actively looking for sources because I want to make such a thing, the sources elude me. I am fairly confident that it is in the minimum an upper rhine area thing, possibly further in the germanic lands.

Does anyone get what I mean and has some kind of source material?
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Re: Late medieval riding boots

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The Exploring the Medieval Hunt blog talks about high boots briefly ... -in-green/ High boots can be easy to confuse with 'gaiters' worn over the hose to protect them from wet and brush though.
Check out Age of Datini: European Material Culture 1360-1410
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