The rules

Member-submitted patterns for armour, weapons, soft-kits, or equipment
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The rules

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So, somewhere around a decade ago, having a forum for people to post patterns in was suggested. This is the result.
It is an experiment (and maybe about a decade late... we'll see how/if it works). :?

Right now, this post is an announcement of the rules for the forum. These rules are subject to discussion and update; when I think they're "good" I'll probably move the rules to the "posting rules" section of the forum and delete this announcement.

  1. This forum is for patterns -- not requests. I might put (or move) a thread for what people want in patterns as a stickied post at the top, but please do not make new threads with pattern requests. They will be deleted unceremoniously.
  2. When submitting a pattern, you give the Armour Archive permission to copy the pattern to the "Patterns" section (which may or may not occur), and you give members and browsers of the Archive permission to use the pattern at no charge.
  3. If you aren't the owner of the pattern, please don't post it. If it isn't yours, you can't give the Archive permission to use it (duh).
  4. Please start your pattern-submission subject with one of the keywords, followed by a quick/short description of the pattern
    • Armour:
    • Weapons:
    • Soft-Kit:
    • Equipment:
  5. This rule is really important, but I can't think what it is right now. Maybe later. :)

Other stuff:
  1. Right now, this forum has the same image-posting limits as other forums. We'll have to see whether (1) they're sufficient and (2) they can be modified if they aren't.
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